Swacch Bhatiya And Swasth Bhartiya Abhiyan

Dr. Sandeep’s Mantra for Healthy India: Swacchta-Suddhta-Swaasth=Swacch & Swasth bharat

Swacch bhartiya and Swasth bhartiya moment is a initative of Dr. Sandeep Singh inspired by Shree Narendra Modi ji honourable Prime Minister of India. Dr. Sandeep has started this moment with aim to accomplish a pure and healthy India by body, mind and soul , clean mind clear thoughts and healthy body.Dr. Sandeep believes if everyone have pure heart clean thoughts and clean environment then the world will be a clean , pure and healthy for life.

Swaccha Bhartiya And Swasth Bhartiya Abhiyan


Our mission is to cleanliness of the inner body environment not the outer body environment. We are talking about purity(cleanliness) of one individual from within which means the person is purified with his…

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