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Holistic Healing

At Sai Arogya, We cure our Patients Naturally without any modern day drugs or medicines which have harmful Side Effect on the Human Body.

Detoxification or Detox

We offer Detoxification or Detox Services, where all the toxic substances from the body are removed and the impurities from the body are excreted and thrown out.

Weight Loss

Are you Looking to Lose Weight ? Sai Arogya offers various Weight Loss Programs, Diet Plans, Weight Loss Management and Tips on How to Lose Weight. Now Lose Weight Faster then ever.

Stress Management

Sai Arogya also offers Stress Relief Program, where the actual person's Stress will be Relieved by performing various therapies such as Yoga, Meditation, Massage and Exercises.

Cure Diabetes in 72 Hrs

At Sai Arogya, it takes about 72 hrs i.e. just 3 days to recover from diabetes, even if you are insulin dependent for last 3 decades. 100% Natural Diabetes Treatment.

Reasonable Fees

Sai Arogya offers all these services as per the needs the clients at an affordable price. We charge standard fees which are applicable in the Market. We do not charge more.