Diabetic Free India Movement

Diabetic Free India Moment    
Diabetic Free India Movement

“1947 तक देश अंग्रेजों का गुलाम था . 
                आज देश अंग्रेजी दवाका गुलाम है .” 

Our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi announces campaigning for Diabetes and declare diabetic free India movement on 21 june on world yoga day.

Being the responsible organisation Sai Arogya holistic health Care has taken opportunity to spread the dream of DIABETIC FREE INDIA movement all over the country.

Nothing in this world can destroy your happiness more than trying to live with sickness, trying to live with an illness. Can you imagine of a world free of illness, free of suffering even free of corruption & conspiracy! Unfortunately, this world of fantasy does not exist in this modern world. In-fact, it is this industrialization and modernization which gave humanity much of the suffering. More than 90% of the human population is destined to spend the last part of its life with much pain & misery before a painful death as a result of various life style diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc. These diseases are the result of nothing but the unnatural life style of the modern man. In-fact India is the one country which is progressing much faster towards ever increasing human sickness’ than most of the other countries. And it is evident from the fact that India holds the record (which I am ashamed of ) of ‘Most Number of Heart Disease Patients’ (60% of world heart patients are Indians – WHO) and also has won the dubious title of ‘World’s Diabetes Capital‘.

 Being a responsible citizen SAI AROGYA HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE  has always been at forefront in socially relevant issues including health awareness programs.

Who Can Join Diabetic Free India Movement ?

Anyone Indian who is willing for change.can be the part of this moment by changing himself first then for the family society and country

Benefits of Joining Diabetic Free India Movement

  1. Make yourself diabetic free
  2. Make your surrounding people free from diabetes
  3. Free Society of Diabetes & Other Diseases
  4. You can become a volunteer for Diabetic Free India Movement

Roles & Responsibilities of Volunteers

  • You can organize free seminar for How to reverse Diabetes and lifestyle diseases.
  • You can Assist the Seminar
  • You Can be organize seminar at Society / Workplace / Any other public & private organization & trust.
  • You can become a Diabetic Educator by taking training & after clearing exams.
  • You can organize and Lead this movement by presenting PPT’s & Lectures.

What you will get from the organization ? (Free)

  • ID Card
  • Batches
  • Uniform (T-Shirts & Caps)
  • Promotional Kit
  • Membership Certificate of DFIM.
  • Certificate of Diabetes Educator from Indo-Vietnam Medical board.

DONATION:- Rs. 1500

A/C NO: 08812011006993