Sai Arogya

Holistic Health Care

Sai Arogya Holistic Health  Care in Mulund believes in the principles of nature and uses a holistic and individualistic approach to wellbeing. A healthy individual is one whose doshas are in balance, appetite is good, all tissues of the body and all natural urges are functioning properly, and whose mind, body, and spirit are cheerful. We have expertise in diabetes treatment without medicine, curing diabetes in 72 hours, weight loss, panchakarma, detoxification or detox, stress management, ayurvedic massage, and natural bypass. At Sai Arogya Holistic Health Center in Mulund, various therapies are combined to bring the mind, body, and soul to a cheerful state. Easy-to-follow regimes and different health packages are prescribed and monitored by expert physicians and trained therapists in Mulund. Sai Arogya Holistic Health Center combines Ayurvedic treatment and Panchakarma to restore balance without side effects.

Sai Arogya

Holistic Health Care

Get well soon by the healing touch of holistic health care !

Naturopathy Treatments

Best ever holistic approach to heal your Body mind & soul!

Massages & Therapies

Rejuvenate your body and soul amidst lap of nature!

Stress Management

Discover serenity and balance through our stress management solutions

Diabetes Reversal

Diabetes reversal involves managing Type 2 symptoms without medication.

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“I visited Sai Arogya Holistic Health care center 3rd time. Good ambiance and experience Doctor of naturopathy are also good. They understand if you have any specific problem and treat accordingly. If you do not have any illness but still you should visit and toxin your body. I have visited 3rd time for the body toxin.”

Vikas Sharma Designation

“Amazing wellness centre. Very good treatments. Very clean environment. The best part is the personal touch throughout the stay. They have an excellent team of doctors and therapist which makes the treatments very effective. Very good if you are looking to detox and take a break from the daily routine.”

Meena Shinde Designation

“It is a holistic experience for all people looking to improve their health, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Physical health is a given here, but the biggest takeaway I've had from this place is how to life a healthier and richer life in terms of what matters in life.”

Shikar verma Designation

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